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The history of Luxor Garfield began in Europe after WWII, at which time scientists from the University of Bucharest headed by Professor Constantin Ion Parhon, alongside Dr. Ana Asian and Dr. Mircea Cohen, were studying the effects of ageing in human beings.

Dr. Ana Aslan and Dr. Constantin Ion Parhon, study the effects of ageing in humans.

In the 1940's, Dr Mircea Cohen settles in Buenos Aires ready to continue his research into products for cellular rejuvenation using placenta extracts. In 1953 he founds ‘Laboratorios Luxor Garfield’, an innovative company, which from its beginnings, develops formulas using collagen, hyaluronic acid and other active natural ingredients to create luxury cosmetic products. Today, the company finds itself committed to making skincare products with advanced formulas for its own brands and for other companies in the field.


To create products with the highest standards of quality and to provide comprehensive services such as a cosmetics laboratory prioritising a personal service to our clients.


To be leaders in the development of cosmetics and to strongly position our own Brand in the marketplace.


Teamwork, responsibility, commitment, integrity, an ethical approach and honesty are the values that make our laboratory stand out and which everyone who joins our team can count on.

To always aim for excellence in our work, to improve our clients’ business and to promote the development of new B2B and B2C business.

We are investing over 65 years of experience, to which we add the most up to date technology and specialist skilled labour to serve a complex and dynamic market.

By favouring personal attention, we are committed to providing a comprehensive service such as our cosmetics laboratory to meet our clients’ needs. That’s why big, small and medium sized companies choose us all the time.

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